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Welcome to SILP 2012!

Hello fellow language enthusiasts,

We are very excited to welcome you to this year’s SILP 2012 family. We hope that SILP will provide you with a plethora of skills and knowledge that will facilitate your personal, academic, and professional development and goals. This blog is intended to act as a forum to communicate between one another, to share exciting resources, to document activities, to discuss tutoring schedules, and to post important news and announcements.

This year, each language program in SILP has its very own blog. Please use the links below to find YOUR language program’s blog. Or, you can click on your language program ABOVE, which will connect you directly to the language specific blog.

Arabic: http://arabicsilp2012.wordpress.com/

Chinese:  http://slipchinese2012.wordpress.com/ 

French: http://silpfrench2012.wordpress.com/ 

Japanese:   http://japanesesilp2012.wordpress.com/

Russian:  http://russiansilp2012.wordpress.com

Spanish: http://spanishsilp2012.wordpress.com/

We anticipate that this year’s programs will be one of our best – and that is because of YOU! We look forward to all the future experiences and adventures we will embark on together.

Here’s to a great summer! Happy Language Learning!

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